PDP chieftain tackles El-Rufai over insecurity, insists Jonathan resisted insurgency

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Emeka Kalu, has slammed the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, over comments on ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

Recall that Governor Nasir El-Rufai had severally criticized Jonathan’s administration for being incompetent and weak in tackling terrorism.

The Kaduna Governor also adduced that all the technical advice given to Jonathan was refused.

In a statement sent to DAILY POST on Sunday, Kalu, a former governorship aspirant in Abia State, opined that under Jonathan, insurgency was resisted with all apparatus within the reach of the government to tackle the ugly trend.

He lamented that countless persons have lost their lives to herdsmen killings in the north and southern part of Nigeria while Governor El Rufai as the Chief Security oOficer of Kaduna, with full confidence in Buhari-led government, is busy watching the atrocities while the perpetrators go unpunished as a result of ethnic sentiment.

Kalu queried, “what has he successfully put in action to contain the marauding and uncontrollable cases of kidnapping and banditry that had almost swept the entire nooks and crannies of Kaduna State or is he short of ideas now on how best to engage the criminals?

“Why has he not been able to apply those security tackling measures the technical committee that he was one of the members during Jonathan regime recommended to improve security situation in Kaduna State as the governor on seat?

The party chieftain however called on El-Rufai to stop playing politics with the deteriorating insecurity in the country, warning the Governor and Buhari led All Progressive Congress to stop the mudslinging in politics, promote ethnic co operations and tolerance, as well as run inclusive government.

Parts of the statement said, “It is always easier to castigate a leader, find faults and apportion blames but when it gets to the doorstep of the fault finder, with all statutory power and resources to perform the same functions, the actor retires into his shelf as snail does. Instead, he would come up with a cheap propaganda that any person who killed a Fulani Man would have himself to blame. When interviewed for explanation, he said it was because Fulani are scattered in various parts of Africa and when you kill one in Nigeria, those in Sahara would come to say, you killed their fathers and brothers, then as result attack the locality in retaliation.Does this make any sense for a government that values the lives of her citizens? Why would the government condone criminals and give shot at side order in another part of the country to wipe away the people of that ethnic nationality in the pretext of fighting criminal. Are all criminals not the same or those from a given ethnic group are anointed not to be killed?

Still left for him and the government he speaks for to answer.

“The same expert on security intelligence as he claimed to be could not suggest how best to tackle bandits but with all velocity suggested how to treat and handle ethnic agitators who had not killed even an ant.This signifies the kind of government we run and expect the citizenry to wave banners of praises for us. Nigeria has a long way to go.Except we drop divided sentiment and nepotism, the journey would be farer for us; except the government eschews unnecessary cuddling of herdsmen with carrots hands by taking strict actions to stop their rampage and marauding activities, Nigeria will still be singing the same songs of sorrow instead of peace and unity.

“The formula is very simple. Stop mudslinging in politics, promote ethnic co-operations and tolerance, run inclusive government, drop revenge-oriented use of EFCC/DSS apparatus against party opponents, revive the dwindling economy, create jobs and employment using Federal character principles, open full resistance against bandits and all forms of terrorism, stop ethnic harassment of the southern Nigerian peaceful agitators, learn how to dialogue, work to restructure the fiscal federalism then Nigeria will become an ice in a hot water pot”.

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