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How To Become Coupon Code Agent / Distributors

As we may know that Hundreds of people join Afrovybez daily and they use coupon code to register.

So in order To become a distributor/agent and earn daily commission, you will need to buy coupon code at wholesale price which is N1,900 per on coupon code. The Minimum bulk purchase is 11 pin or more depending on your financial capacity. This implies that 11 coupon code minimum at N20,900 and above. That is simply what you can start with.

AFROVYBEZ registration is N2,000 and that’s the price you must sell to prospects or prospective members while you earn N100 profit per sales. If you sell below the fixed price, you will be removed from distributors list.

So Ensure you keep a very good reputation by delivering coupon code on time to your prospects or buyers so they can get referrals and continue buying from you and also ensure you guide them and give them plenty word of encouragement. Please Do not keep members money without delivering coupon code else, if your bank account is reported, you are on your own.

Your name will be added to the list of distributors on the website so you can be also getting prospects/buyers from our general campaign/ advert and also have proofs for your prospective customers.

If you are interested and ready to start, chat with one of our Team and he will give you the account number to pay to so what are you still waiting for kindly message our Team via whatsapp on

Once your payment is confirmed, bulk coupon code will be sent to you via whatsapp, then you drop your name, your number and whatsapp link to be listed on the website.


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