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Full meaning of WIFI, DNA, RSVP, CCTV, POS, DATE, NEWSPAPER and other acronyms we use every day

We often use acronyms that we do not know their meaning in our everyday lives. Some of us also use some abbreviations that we do not their meaning. Well today, we’ll be looking at the meaning of some of those common acronyms and abbreviations we we use every day.. Stay tuned.

1) WIFI: This simply means “Wireless fidelity”

It is a technological inbuilt tool used to wirelessly connect two or more gadgets together.

For example; You can connect two phones together with the help of a WiFi. You can also connect your phone to a laptop or an internet provider through a WiFi.

The WiFi can be said to be the improved and upgraded version of the Bluetooth.

2) CCTV: This means “Closed Circuit Television”.

The CCTV can be described as a video surveillance system that monitors and transmits visual signals to a limited set of screens or monitor devices.

3) POS : Most of us use this machine on a daily basis without an idea of what it means. Well, POS Machine means “Point of sale”.

This is usually a small machine that helps in executing debits and credits through the use of an ATM card. The POS machine usually has a small screen where transactions are monitored.

4) ATM: Automated teller machine

This machine is always accessible through the use of an ATM card. Just like the POS machine, the ATM machine is also used to process monetary transactions (credit and debit)

5) DVD : Digital Versatile Disk

Even with the ever increasing demand for decoders, the DVD can still be found in many homes.

6) BVN: Bank verification number

This number can be used as a means of identification. It is very important that you keep your “Bank Verification Number” safe and secure as it can be used for fraudulent activities if not well safeguarded.

7) OTP: This means “One Time Password”

It is a security measure incase you are subject to theft or any form of fraudulent activities. The number or code sent to you is usually functional for about five minutes or more after which it becomes unable to use.

Pls do give out your OTP number to people you do not trust.

8) DATE: i bet many of us do not know that DATE in regards to time means “Day and time Evolution”. Well, now you know.

9) B. C: “Before Christ”. This is was the Era before the coming of Jesus Christ.

For example we could say that Moses was born in the year 19BC.

10) A.D: Just like the B. C, the A.D is also used to refer to an era. However, the AD means “Anno Dominni” which means “After death when translated in English.

For example ; The world is currently in the 21st century AD.

11) BCE : This means” Before Common Era”. The BCE is originally used as a substitute for the BC

12) CE: This means “Christian era” The CE is used as a substitute for the AD.

13) A. M: This means” Ante Meridiem. The AM is used to describe the early hours of a day.

14) P. M: “Post Meridiem”. The P. M is used to describe the late hours of the day.

13) DNA : Deoxyribo-nucleic Acid

14) BYE : Be with you Everytime

15) VIP : Very important person

16) NEWSPAPER : How many of us knows that the word newspaper is an acronym for “North, East, West, South Past and Present News”? I guess we all know now.

17)Sim card: Subscriber Identification Module

18) RAM: Random Access Memory

19) ROM: Read Only Memory

20) PIN: Personal identification number

21) POLICE: The word police can have many meanings, but let’s take a look at two of most acceptable meanings of Police.

* POLICE as a governmental institution means ” Protection of life and investigating Criminal Establishment”

* POLICE when referred to as individuals means ” Public officer for legal investigation and criminal Emergency “

22) SWAT: Special weapons and tactics

23) ECOWAS: Economic community for West African states.

24) ICU: Intensive Care Unit.

This is a section or ward in the hospital where critically I’ll patients are placed under aggressive monitoring.

25) NAFDAC: National Agency For Food and Drug administration

26) AIDS: Acquired immuno deficiency Syndrome

27) HIV: Human Immuno Deficiency Virus

28) EMAIL: Electronic mail

29) Gmail: Graphical mail

30) Google : Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

31) SMS: Short message service

32) 3D: Three dimensional

33) RSVP: Alot of Nigerians interprete this as “Rice Stew Very Plenty” which is obviously wrong given that the word RSVP is actually a French acronym ” Repondez S’ il vous plait”.

In English it means one should reply to an invitation. So pls try and get your mind off “Rice and stew very plenty” when next you see RSVP.

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