Federal Road Safety Corps – FRSC Salary Structure For Officers & Marshals (2021)

have you being in a position whereby you want to apply for a Federal Job in Nigeria of which the FRSC is one of them, Have you made enquiries in Accordance to the pay packages and salary structures of federal paramilitary agencies at all levels irrespective of the educational qualification of the applicant or staff as the case may be,

We are close to end your search and satisfy your curiosity as we bring back your finger tips, the present FRSC Salary structure for ranking officers and Marshals, that is, for all educational qualifications

The FRSC’s motto is “creating safe road in Nigeria”, is a government agency set up primarily and saddled with responsibilities for road safety control and organization within the 36 states in Nigeria including the FCT (Federal Capital Territory), Abuja.

In 1988 the FRSC was founded and ever since has been at the top of their jobs, making the road a safe haven for not just motorists but commuters too.

In recent times, due to the increasing population most especially in Lagos state and the unfriendly trend in the nation’s road traffic system which has given birth to an upsurge in road traffic accidents, Federal Government thought it wise to look for a lasting solution and a search for credible and effective manpower to help ameliorate this menace which is the reason for the recent job placement yearly by the corps.

Yearly the FRSC put up advert for job application from suitably qualified candidates to fill up certain positions where human resource is needed and due to the economic situation, lack of jobs and the insecurities attached to this, the rush for these positions are overly crowded due to the status of being a Federal job.

FRSC Road Marshals is saddled with the following responsibilities;

  • First and foremost, making the highways safe for motorists and other road users
  • Checking the road worthiness of vehicles (paper documents and physical components of the vehicles)
  • Recommendation of works and infrastructural facilities to eradicate completely or minimize the chances of accidents on the highways
  • Holding seminars in order to educate the general public about road safety tips
  • Educating motorists on basic road safety signs and tips on how to manage road emergencies

Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Rank and Basic Annual Salaries

These salaries are basic net annual salaries, meaning that the figures given below are arrived at after all necessary annual deductions have been made.

S/NRankBasic  Annual Salaries
1Chief Inspector (CI)₦1405449
2Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)₦1325234
3Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI)₦1252038
4Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)₦1143539
5Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI)₦1,058,416
6Marshal Inspector I (MI-I)₦777,876
7Marshal Inspector II (MI-II)₦548,387
8Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)₦393,442
9Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA)₦966,761
10Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA)₦539,048
11Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA)₦387,428
12Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I)₦349,589
13Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II)₦319,741
14Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III)₦305,576

Federal Road Safety Qualification and Rank Structure (Entry Level)

QualificationGrade LevelBasic Salary Range per annumPossible Rank
SSCE03298506 ­­- 330231RMA-III
OND05329853 – 374259MI-III
HND07483014 – 567065MI
BSC08888956 – 988991ARC

It is important to note that the salaries given above are basic salaries exclusive of any benefit package.

From very reliable sources within the agency, fresh FRSC trainees with O’level certificate earn close to 40,000 Naira monthly. while B.Sc and HND holders currently earn between N100,000 to 120,000 monthly. Then level 10 officers earn from N200,000 and above.

Federal Road Safety Corps Staff Welfare

Health Care

The federal road safety corps provides medical care and facilities to road accident victims and staff members. The Federal Road Safety Commission has provided a total of 20 roadside clinics, 12 zonal clinics and 1 clinic at the headquarters. There are 23 medical doctors, 121 nurses, 51 paramedics and 57 supporting staff who manage the clinic.


The Federal Road Safety commission provides housing benefits for staff members through the FRSC housing cooperative scheme that was inaugurated in June 2004. The concept of this scheme was born out of the burning desire to assist members who also contribute to the National Housing Fund to access the Federal Mortgage Bank Loan and become proud owners of their houses which they may retire to.

The objective of the scheme is;

  • To procure, build, and allot empty lands to her members
  • To manage the estates for serving and retiring/discharging service-personnel.

Cooperative Society

The Federal Road Safety Commission Cooperative society help members’ access loan, savings, and all buy goods at rate form trusted customers. An example of goods provided by the cooperative society on a subsidized rate to the member staff is the list of verified car brands for interested members.

Special Marshals welfare

Special marshals are covered by an insurance policy in case of death through road traffic accident. They are also protected by immunity provision in the Act. By this immunity clause, the special marshal is shielded from liability for any act validly done by him on the route to which he is assigned.

It is observed that the Federal Road Safety Corps officers’ salaries are calculated based on their ranks just like other government agencies like; The Nigerian Police, Navy, Air force,  and The Nigerian Army.

We gathered that for those who joined the Federal Road Safety Corp with a secondary certificate, earn about N40, 000 per month. Graduates in FRSC are paid from N100, 000 and above while for high ranking officers, salary is from N250, 000 and above. It is important to note that the Federal Road Safety Corps officers also enjoy other benefits like rent, uniform, etc.

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