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The full meaning of 5G,4G,3G,2G and 1G

It is important to know the acronyms of these mobile networks, since we use those networks on our smart phone and other electronic gadgets. So, in this post, we will show you the full meaning. Note: G stands for Generation. 5G – means Fifth Generation Networks. It is the fastest cellular network technology ever developed. […]


Word of Wisdom From Afrovybez

1.Don’t show off to go broke. 2.When you are with friends, mind your tongue. 3.When you are angry, mind your temper. 4.When you with a group, mind your behavior. 5.When you are in trouble, mind your emotion. 6.When God start blessing, you mind your ego. 7.You have to train your mind to be stronger than […]

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How to avoid withdrawal Decline

Dear valid members, Like I’ve promised earlier, I said I was going to drop a post on the things to do to avoid your withdrawal request being declined. I hope you see one or two things that will help you in this post. 1. Posting of Facebook links Many members, after so many warnings of posting […]

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Love that lasts is the result of partners embedding themselves in each other’s brains in a positive way. Memory circuits and pleasure get all wound up together so that the other person becomes integral to the very structure of your brain, and you become part of the structure of theirs. (Here’s more on what happens […]