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it was re-released in 2011 for the PlayStation 3. Mikami’s goal was to build a game that would appeal to both dedicated gamers and humorous relief. In Japan, it was met with a mixed reception from reviewers, and sales were small. Final video game by Clover Studio. The game has now been hailed as a cult classic.

Story of Game

When Angra, a fallen angel turned into a demon, his army ravaged the planet. Angra was vanquished by a man wielding the power of God in his hands, who sent him into exile again. The folks he saved dubbed him “God’s Hand.” As it is stated that anyone who obtains the God Hands will be “either a god or a demon”, a clan of humans was formed to protect them.

An army of demons wants Gene’s God Hand, which he possesses as a 23-year-old combatant. It’s hard to ignore his sense of justice in the face of his outspokenness. Olivia, a 19-year-old descendant of the tribe that previously guarded the God Hands, is also with Gene on his journey. The demons killed her family and she fled with one of the god hands. She grafted it onto Gene when he saved her from bandits trying to take the God Hand from her and got his right arm hacked off as a result.

Main Villains of Story

A demonic society attempting to resurrect Angra for world dominance, the Four Devas, are the major villains of the novella. Belze is the boss, Elvis is a cigar-addicted cop, Shannon is a circus ringmaster, and Azel, also known as the “Devil Hand”, is a human who also owns one of the God Hands.

In addition to the flamboyant twins who removed Gene’s original arm, there are a number of other minor enemies who appear in the game, such as: an android warrior sent by Belze twice to stop Gene, an aspiring rock duo who sold their souls to the demons in exchange for ponies, and a gorilla wearing an elaborate lucha libre wrestling mask and mask.

Comical puns and dialogue disclose the majority of the battles that take place in the game. When Gene beats Azel at the Tower of Angra, Azel’s God Hand is ripped off and given to Gene, as Azel does not want to be ruled. Gene defeats Angra with both God Hands and saves Olivia.

God Hand PPSSPP Download 200MB

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